You can manage Opportunities by opening the Opportunity from the Opportunity Management page and using the buttons and check boxes provided within the Opportunity.  The Opportunity Management menu option provides a quick and effortless way to identify upcoming Opportunities that may need attention – such as opportunities where volunteers are still needed, or volunteer invitations haven’t been sent.  Use this option to quickly identify areas that may need some action on your part.
The Opportunity Management option provides a list of upcoming Opportunities from your assigned sites. You can quickly look at the number of requested Volunteers and the number of Volunteers that have signed up (Interested or Confirmed).
Understanding the Opportunity Management Chart
The Opportunity Management Chart is very helpful in viewing a summary of your Opportunities. Notice in particular Opportunities where Volunteers are still needed (in the “Assign Status” column). You can view how many Volunteers have been invited as well as how many Volunteers have signed up. Items in red indicate action may be needed on the Opportunity. For example, Opportunities where no Volunteers have been invited, indicates that invitation emails need to be sent. You can easily send invitation emails by clicking on the Opportunity name in this chart.  When you first open the Opportunity Management page, the page is automatically filtered for active Opportunities where you are listed as the Coordinator, making it easy to identify Opportunities that need action taken.
Status Columns:

Invited- This shows how many Volunteers have been invited to the Opportunity.  If this number is low and you still need volunteers, open the Opportunity and send additional email invitations to volunteers.

Req’d- This shows how many Volunteers the Coordinator has requested for the Opportunity.

Int’d- Shows how many Volunteers are interested in the Opportunity (if your organization uses this option). This number will change once a Coordinator has confirmed the Volunteer. When a Volunteer signs up for an Opportunity, it either “Confirms” them or puts them as “Interested” based on how your organization has set up the Volunteer Tracker.

Conf’d- This is how many Volunteers have been confirmed for the Opportunity.

Assign Status- This will either say “Needed” or “Fulfilled”. If the Opportunity is not expired and is still “Needed” then this will be in red.  You should consider opening these opportunities and sending additional email invitations to volunteers.
Coordinator is the assigned Coordinator to the Opportunity.

The status is whether the Opportunity is Expired or Active. If it says “Expired”, then the Opportunity has a date that has passed. An Opportunity expires the day after the date of the Event/Opportunity.
Using the Opportunity Management Chart
Look for Opportunities with items in red that may need attention.

1) Click on the name of the Opportunity.
2) This will bring up a screen where you can Edit, Delete the Opportunity, Assign Volunteers, send emails about the Opportunity or “Confirm/Defer” Interested Volunteers (depending on your settings).