Coordinators can assign volunteers to an opportunity.  Most of the time, volunteers will sign themselves up, but assigning a Volunteer is useful for example, if a Volunteer shows up last minute to the Opportunity and you need to log time for them. Another example is if a Volunteer contacts you wanting to help at the last minute, you can easily add them to the Opportunity.
1) Select the Opportunity Management menu item from the Opportunities tab.
2) Search for an Opportunity you would like to assign a Volunteer(s) to.  In this example, we will search for Art Club Opportunities.

3) Click on the Opportunity name.  In this example we will assign a volunteer to the January 17th Opportunity which still needs volunteers.
4) Scroll down to the section “Volunteers for this Opportunity”.

5) Click “Assign a Volunteer”.

Tip: You can also assign a Volunteer under an expired Opportunity. You would use this if you needed to log time for a Volunteer that was not signed up previously for the Opportunity.
A pop up window will allow you to select a Volunteer to assign to the Opportunity.

6) Click the down arrow located next to the drop-down box to select from a list of names. You may also type the first few letters of the Volunteer’s last name and then select the name.
7) After selecting a Volunteer, click the “Assign Volunteer to this Opportunity” button.
Once the Volunteer has been assigned they will show up under the “Assignment” column and will show as “Confirmed” under the “Status” column.  Volunteers assigned in this manner will automatically show as Confirmed.