You can request that the Volunteer Tracker update your email address.  In order to do so, you will need to first sign in with your original email address on the Volunteer Tracker. If you have not already done so, DO NOT REGISTER THE NEW EMAIL ADDRESS - the system will switch the email addresses for you and you will have the same password that you are used to using.

While logged into the Volunteer Tracker with your original email address, click on the My Profile tab:

Click on the Request to change Email button:

Enter the new email address and click on the Verify New Email button.

You will be asked for a verification code.  Leave this window open and check your email (on the new email account) for a verification code email.  Look in your spam/junk/clutter folder if you don't see the email.  Enter the verification code and click on the "Submit Request for Change Email" button.

Most of the time the change will occur within a few hours but if done over the weekend may take a few days.  You will receive verification on your new email address when the change has been completed.  Once the change has been completed, you can login to the Volunteer Tracker using your new email address and the original password for that account.  If you are unsure of your password, use the "Forgot Password" link on the sign in screen.

If you need assistance with the email change, click on the "Support" - it looks like this :

Click on the Create a Support ticket link - it looks like this :

Now a new page is going to open up - this is where you will fill in all of the required information and submit your support ticket. You will need to give the old email address (the one that you are wanting to update) and give the new email address (the one that you are using now) - give the name of the county in which you are a volunteer (this helps support personnel to locate your info a little faster) - and then click the Submit button.