**Reminder** - If you do not see the Renew Application button, pictured below, then your application may not be eligible for renewal yet. Districts set renewal times differently. If your application has not moved to the "Pending Renewal" status then you will not be able to renew until it does. 

Login to the Volunteer Tracker and lick the blue "Renew Application" button:

Click "Yes" you would like to continue volunteering:

Update any personal information on your application if needed. Scroll down and authorize, check the notification box if you would like to receive notifications for volunteering opportunities,  and click "Save Changes":

Every county/school district is different about submitting background/sex offender checks, so if you have questions about when your volunteer status will be updated you will need to contact your school district office. The App-Garden does not handle the volunteer application processing or application approvals. The App-Garden does not have access to background information.